Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 Iris Report from Ogimi Okinawa (Photos)

Flower, Iris

Surprise !  The Purple Flowers Are Blooming !



Today we headed up the the northern hills to check on the flowers.

It's a little early, in the year, but, things are happening fast.

Don't let that first photo fool you, even though it was made today.

Iris field, blossoms scarce

The truth is, this is what the fields look like, right now.

one visible iris in entire field of green

A person would have to be crazy to go in there and try to photograph those flowers.

The fields are wet, dangerous and slippery.

single Iris blossom

So, Doc and I, just pretended to be crazy.

One Iris

We went slipping and sliding through the mud and water to get a closer look.

isolated iris, cloes-up, flower

In a few weeks, the fields should be full of those purple beauties.

And, I'm guessing, busloads of people will be going in there, too.

One of these days, after my socks dry, I'll go back and get Iris Report #2.

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