Monday, March 24, 2014

This Aint Exactly Gonna Win the National Spelling Bee

bee in flight, purple iris blossom, Motion GIF

Sometimes Coming Up with a Title is a Chore



How many ways can you say, "Flower and Bee" when you have hundreds photos to name ?

That is, without repeating yourself a few dozen times.

 My solution is to misspell and find a catchy tune to go along with the title.

Today, I couldn't decide which of two tunes would be best so, I'll put both here.

 Don't Bee Cruel

Whatever Will Bee Will Bee

After listening to those classic tunes decide which of my titles you like best.

One More Misspelling



One of my bird photos was published on the cover of a book.

The Crackerhead Chronicles

Author, Jerry Beuterbaugh, emailed me and, I hope he sells millions of copies.

He assured me, if it becomes a big hit, I'll get a piece of the pie.

That could mean, I'll get a share of his prophets !

Check it out.

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