Saturday, March 8, 2014

One of a Kind Shrine in Okinawa

Something Was Different Here


Out of all the kinds of shrines and temples we visit, this was the first one like this.

Two big shisa statues were guarding the stairway leading through the torii.

shrine, shisa, Yomitan,sanshin
This photo was taken as a reminder to do some research on this place.

Something told me, it wasn't a Buddhist Temple or, the usual Shinto  Shrine.

shrine,stairs,diety of sanshin,Akainko-gu
Akainko-gu Shrine

This site is believed to be where Akainko ascended into heaven.

According to the Ryukyu Cultural Archives, he is the patron deity of sanshin music.

Read more about the culture and history of the sanshin in:

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