Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Iris Report No. 3 From the Fields of Kojika in Ogimi Okinawa

Flowers, Iris

The Weekend After Next Will Be Best



A pile of photos were taken today to give viewers an idea.

My best estimate: Blossoms haven't reached the 20% mark, yet.



early season iris blossoms



The iris fields are flooded with water to help them sprout.




wide angle view, few flowers in bloom



Most of the dikes, between rows are very slippery.



This one was covered with mats, which made it a little easier to navigate.



motion pf iris plants in nwind



To give you an idea, how windy it was, I shot this scene.



All the photos used for this Motion GIF, were made in less than one second.



Iris field



Flowers, wiggling around doesn't make for very good compositions.



close up one iris blossom



So, I singled this one out and waited for the wind to quit blowing.



motion GIF, single iris bloom



Then, found some more dancing farther down the line.



Iris flowers on display for sale



There's a trashcan, full of flowers, ready to sell, over by the tents.



But, We didn't go there to buy flowers.



Iris in wind, Motion GIF



An Iris Reporter goes there to shoot flowers not, buy them.



Cosmos flowers next to Iris fields



The cosmos field, looked healthy, compared to the iris plants.



But, they weren't selling any of them so me and Doc, sneaked out of there.



Maybe, next time we'll bring the women folks along.



They know, somehow, which flowers they like best.



We just give them money.









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