Thursday, March 27, 2014

TripAdvisor Property Owners Choice Photos in Okinawa

10 More Travel Shots Selected



Here are the most recent photos from my travels that grabbed the honors.

There's no money involved, in doing this but, there's a method to my madness.

It's a secret.

Okawa Spring scene, Kin Town,Okinawa

Ranked #1 of 3 attractions in Kin-cho



cheesecake store, Kin Town,Okinawa



The Cheesecake Place in Kin Town

Ranked #5 of 14 restaurants in Kin-cho



Water Lily garden wall



Southeast Botanical Gardens

Rated #2 of 10 attractions in Okinawa City



model boats in museum, sailing ships



Fisherman's Museum in Itoman

Rated #11 of 19 attractions in Itoman City



Ramen and Gyoza, rice bowl



Tenka Ippin Ramen in Chatan

Ranked #15 of 129 restaurants in Chatan-cho



bakery display, Naha, Okinawa



Taimo Kobo Kinta Shintoshin

Ranked #109 of 970 restaurants in Naha




inside view, barbecue restaurant, Kin Town, Okinawa



 Seaside BBQ in Kin Town

Ranked #7 of 14 restaurants in Kin-cho



HottoMotto,Kin Town,Okinawa



HottoMotto in Kin Town

Ranked #4 of 14 restaurants in Kin-cho



sailing ship, Ocean Museum



Oceanic Culture Museum in Motobu

Ranked #14 of 19 attractions in Motobu-cho



McCafe, Ishikawa, Okinawa



McCafe in Ishikawa

Ranked #4 of 57 restaurants in Uruma



NOTE:  The ratings and rankings listed above, are not mine.

They come from TripAdvisor travelers reviews.

Each time, I submit a review and photos, I must certify:

The photos were taken by me and, I am the owner.

And, I must certify, no payment or, discounts were received from the business.

In some cultures, bribery is an accepted form of doing business.

Well, I ain't that cultured, I guess.

If I ever get that way, I'll let TripAdvisor know.  

And, quit reviewing for them.


Like, if I ever decide to write RyukyuMike's Bar and Grill Guides.....







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