Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Spider Convinced Me to Buy Another Lens (Photos)

Motion GIF, spider moving along web

We Have a Positive ID on This One



But, it wasn't easy, as fast as that little sucker moves.

The use of three different cameras and lenses, was what it took to nail the critter.

spider in web

The spider web, gives some clues.

Knowing if a spider weaves its web in a circle or, tent-like helps with the idenification.

spider and web
The colors and markings are important, too.

spider in web

When the light started fading and, wind blowing, I couldn't get a sharp photo.

spider in center of web
Moving around to a different location, helped somewhat.

But, the image could be a lot more detailed, if I was using faster glass.

So, this spider got me thinking.  Maybe, I better invest in a good macro lens.

The missus doesn't really need to know.

 Just in case I get caught, taking a wad of cash out of the bank, I have a plan.

Gasteracantha brevispina

Something like that, I'll yell.

That's the name of the spider that caused me to do it !
 She'll understand.  
 I hope

REF:  ISBN4-9980907-9-8  Spiders in Okinawa

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