Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Five Attractions on Ie Jima: An Okinawa Island

Preparing for Another Visit


It's getting to be that time of year, again and these 5 sites are in my plans.

It doesn't matter how many trips, I've made on the ferry.

Almost every year, we hit the flower festivals but, I like these spots, even more.

cave,island, war,history,survival
The Niya-thiya Cave

That's because 1,000 people survived the Battle of Okinawa, living in there.

Everybody came out alive. That's a good story.

Plus, they have this legendary fertility stone in there.

So, I go in there every time just to check.

None of my daughters or, granddaughters better be in there fooling around with that thing.

viewpoint,sunrise,sunset,photography,ocean view
  Wajee View Point

From this location, you should be able to catch a good sunrise or, sunset photo.

It's still on my list of things to do because the weather hasn't cooperated, yet.

One of these days, we'll getterdun.

statue, Handoo-gwaa,tradgedy,drama,love,suicide

The Statue of Hando-gwaa

This is located in Shimumuraya Tourist Park.

I'm still searching but, TV series and operas have been made of this tragic drama.

The poor girl, allegedly hung herself, with her own hair, up on the mountain.

She got mixed up with the wrong dude and, took her own life.

Last century, the mother-in-law, made the teenage daughters watch it on TV, Wednesday nights.

What a hoot. If there's a heaven, guaranteed, she made it there !

Mt. Gusuku, Mt. Tachu,island, tobacco fields

Mt. Gusuku or, Tachu

The island is really flat, except for this one peak, which is only 172 meters tall.

It's another location, I have, yet, to catch under favorable light.

But, I'm kind of partial to tobacco so, I shot this scene, anyway.

Ernie Pyle, monument

The Ernie Pyle Monument

If you've never heard of this guy maybe, you should do some reading.

He had a knack for reporting how miserable life on the battlefield can be.

This is the spot where his career ended. 

So, I think, it's kind of sacred ground.

A Million Easter Lilies Festival 

Towards the end of April, this island becomes overwhelmed with tourists.

That's when the white lilies will be in full bloom.

It is really a sight to see and, I will try to keep everyone posted on the flower situation.

Just in case (like me) you want to avoid the rush on this tiny island.

Go over there, any other time and, hit my favorite 5 attractions with your camera.

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