Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weather Will Determine Whether or Not

Flower Fields or Museums ?



These last few winter days, just before spring breaks out, drive me crazy.

Where we will go with the cameras, depends on Mother Nature.

Weathermen, in Okinawa, I don't pay any attention to, because they are unpredictable, too.

On a Pacific island the weather just happens.

photography,Iris field,Okinawa, nice weather

If the day turns out like this, I'll be in the iris fields of Ogimi.

museum photography, bad weather
But, if it rains or gets cold and cloudy, I'll shoot something like this museum.

Maybe we should call outdoors, Plan A.

And, indoors, Plan B.

When the sun comes up tomorrow, I'll sniff the air and make a decision.

Which type of travel personality do you have, plan A or B ?

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