Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Azalea Festival That Turned into a Flower Carnival

 Azalea Matsuri ( ツツジ まつり) in Higashi Village


Little did I know about how this event has grown, until yesterday.

The 15 photos posted here are just a sample of what may be seen this month.

flowers, Azalea

 After leaving the Iris fields we decided to check on the azaleas in Higashi.

Azalea Bridge,flowers

 To our surprise, the Azalea Festival had already begun.

It started looking like rain so, we made a quick camera tour through the place.

flowers overlooking ocean,Azalea

 When the wind starts blowing and it rains, I don't really want to shoot flowers.

landscape, flowers, Azalea

 They look a lot better on a sunny, blue sky kind of day.

Azalea, flowers, cloudy day

As long as I had to climb the hills, I figured, I should take some photos.

That way, you know, I really went up there.

landscape, flowers, Azalea

One last shot with some grey sky and, I came up with an idea.

Azalea, flowers, red, white,pink
Keep the sky out of the frame, where I could.

Azalea, flowers

A little bit peeked through, trying to make this composition.

Azalea, flowers

Then another idea, popped into my head.

Get down low, someplace where the rocks block the breeze. 

Azalea, flowers

Another trick was, get off the trails and find someplace where there was no wind.

Reds, pinks and whites seemed to be the most popular colors.

Azalea, flowers, stone,rock

So, I tried to make sure, I got shots of all three.

White Azalea, flowers,rock

I'm not much of a flower fanatic but, I know many people are.

Azalea, flowers, hillside

We meandered down off the hills, taking photos out of the worst winds.

Azalea, flowers, red and white

And, I took one last shot, before going into the festival food tents.

There, I got to sit down and have a hot meal and some warm tea.

You really don't want to see photos of that.

How Did a Flower Festival Become a Carnival ?


Well, it started on the 1st of the month and, lasts until the 23d.

They have all kinds of entertainment.

There's karate, marching bands, folk and popular music, magicians and comedians.

You could go dancing, drinking and shopping there.

They even have some kind of marathon, ending there !

Have a peek at the schedule on their website

The Google Translate feature might be helpful if you can't read Japanese.

My plan, is to wait a week or, two for the weather to warm up a bit.

Then, the place should be in full bloom and, a lot more beauties will be out up there.

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