Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Now Look What This Spider Got Me Doing !

It Hasn't Been Identified Yet



The rascal moved out of the field and set up a web right next door.

So, I carefully set up some props for background.

I took lots of photos, crawling around outside my neighbor's kitchen door.

brown, yellow, red and black,spider,unidentifeid

It's a good thing, nobody was home.  They would think I was crazy.

The internet search wasn't helping.  So, I walked to the library this afternoon.

The librarian helped me, after awhile and, she found me this book.

Spiders in Okinawa by Akio Tanikawa

So, I checked it out and went on my merry way.

After looking at all the Latin, Japanese and English names, I gave up.

This spider isn't in the book, anywhere.  I read it frontwards and backwards, twice.

Back on the internet I went and found out some more stuff about spiders.

But, nothing about the suspect above.

A Person Could Waste A Whole Afternoon



Spiders get some bad publicity.  They are really nice little critters but, people don't know.

If you go over there to learn all about spiders, keep an eye out for this one.

It's driving me crazy, trying to find an identity.

Do you suppose, it crawled in here when I was napping on my sleeping bag ?

Maybe, it laid some eggs in my brain !

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