Sunday, June 22, 2014

12 Photos from the 2014 Zamami Jima Sailing Sabani Race

Just Back from the Event



The three day visit was completed today.

There was a new twist in the race because the seas got rough.

Instead of sailing from Zamami to Okinawa Island, the course was changed.

sabani sailing boat racing

The traditional wooden boats raced around the islands surrounding Zamami Jima.

sailboats, racing

Tonight, I'll just post some photos of the different boats and scenery, I observed.

Sabani boats race

It would be impossible, for me to get photos of them all, sailing.

Traditional,sabani boats, race

 That's because, I'm bouncing around on an escort boat.

boat race, sabani

 The Umimaru, is the team, I went along with for the occasion.

They have enough sense, to turn-in early every evening. But, I don't.

sailboats race
They go home and get some sleep and I, mingle with sabani folks I never met before.

Umimaru, sabani team
Well, I make lots of friends and, drink plenty of beer. Sometimes the local awamori, too.

Everybody wants their picture taken, while they are racing.

sabani boat, lighthouse

So, I tell them, I'll see what I can do.

island,sabani boat

If the light isn't right, when I'm looking for the Umimaru, I turn around.

And, shoot some other boats, too.

sabani boats racing

When it's all over, I have thousands of photos to process.

sabani boat with sail down

There are always plenty of them for the team, I was assigned to.

sabani boat, sail up

And maybe, I got some of my other drinking buddies, too !

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