Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just Wonder If We'll Get the Ocean Going Cowboy

There's No Other Way to Describe It



Preparing for the trip has me reviewing last year's experience.

We were invited to the 14th Annual Sailing Sabani Race from Zamami to Naha, Okinawa.

Researching online, I couldn't find much about camera techniques for an event like this.

wake behind fishing boat at sea

The boat we were riding on, could be called a safety or, escort ship.

Anybody, who has ever been out to sea, knows it may be a rocking and rolling ride.

We left the Kerema Islands with our diesel engine roaring.

It's important, to get out to sea and give those sailing sabani boats some room.

It's a good thing they made us wear life-jackets.

The sun, surf, wind in my air and, even the smell of salt water and fish, are alright by me.

But, I'm a cameraman, looking for the team, I'm supposed to be shooting.

  Shoot Still Photos of Moving Subjects from a Moving Platform


You know what that's like ?

Go ride one of those mechanical bulls and try throwing darts at a bulls-eye, at the same time.

If you get thrown off, at least you won't land in the ocean !

We were guests aboard this vessel so, I can't complain.

The man and crew (his wife) are probably professional fisherman and, good at what they do.

It just seemed like, when you least expect it, the boat would suddenly, shift positions.


The boat goes in one direction and, the (softly cussing) cameraman, in another.

Some sort of agreement will have to be worked out this year.

Maybe, someone could give a signal when it's time to spin the ship's wheel or, gun the throttle.

Or, maybe, I should just quit being an old grouch.

There Is a Live Matsuri in Town Tonight

Six or eight bars will be having roving entertainment and, I'll be shooting.

One place, has a mechanical bull, too.

Reckon, I should practice shooting with a camera, while riding ?

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