Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Plains Cupid Butterfly Photo (GIF)

Chilades pandava

This ragged winged character isn't really as large at it appears in the image.

The butterfly is just a tad bigger than a thumbnail. 

The insect was staying fairly still. But, the wind was raising a ruckus with it.

So, I spot-focused to try and catch the colors and action.

Using the Sigma 50-500 lens at 420mm and Pentax K3, I took a series of shots.

Then, uploaded them into that Auto Awesomenator thing.

There aren't any butterflies like this in my Yanbaru Field Guide so, I searched online.

Plains Cupid, Cycad Blue and, Chilades pandava are the names I came up with.

Butterflies of India lists them as Oriental Plains Cupid.

Learn About Butterflies says they may be found in Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo.

Butterflies of Sri Lanka has a few photos of them, too. 

Over on Flickr there's an awesome macro shot taken in Kuala Lumpur.

The good old boys at Wiki, confirmed these critters are in India and Singapore. 

Do you suppose, we should tell them Okinawa, Japan, has them, too ?

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