Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shadows and Lights in Kin Town Last Night

Live Matsuri Number Three



band member , strange hairdo, thumbs up

Names have been intentionally omitted, just in case.

street, night,paper lanterns

A long time ago, I learned, arrive on the scene early for an event like this.

bar district, night, neon signs

At 7:30PM the bars participating, were open and ready for business.

3 girls behind bar

There wouldn't be any customers showing up for awhile.

So, I told these gals, if they stopped wiggling, I'd take their picture.

slot, pachinko parlor at night

 By 7:45, I was back on the streets.

The bands were scheduled to start at 8:30 and, I had to keep occupied.

paper lanterns,night,street scene

So, I shot some off the wall street scenes.

Two grandsons showed up, while I was in the middle of the street and said "Hi."

I said something like, "Grandpa's busy, SCRAM."  And, they went away.

singer, musician,sanshin

 Okinawan Mineo (folk music) is my favorite part of any festival.


 It's hard to sit still when you hear somebody, twanging away on a sanshin.

band, dancing,Motion GIF

And, if you throw an electric guitar, in the mix, everybody starts dancing !

Izakaya,paper lanterns

Here is an Izakaya, I pass on the way back to the office.

It was 11:24PM when I decided to take a few shots of the place.

izakaya, lights out

But, before I got to the front door, the lights went out.

  I left the camera in the office and, had to walk all the way back downtown to get a beer.

Shouldn't have yelled at the grand-kids.  Huh ?

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