Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Travel Photo and Information from Kin Town

Things Just Get Better Every Day



First, a peek at Kin Port from last Saturday's Harii (Dragonboat) Race.

sabani boat, rowing,dragonboat,race,blue skies

Blue skies, like this, haven't appeared since those races took place.

It seems like rainy season just doesn't want to leave, this year.

But, before the sun set tonight, a rainbow appeared.

And, there were pink skies, off to the east as the sun went down.

That's a sign, the weather may take a turn for the better.

Ask any sailor and they will tell you.

It's goes, "Pink sky in morning, sailor's warning.

Pink sky at night, sailors delight."

Or, something like that.

 So, I'm looking forward to a good weekend and possibly great Full Moon weather this week.

Look at What's Happening Next Week


poster,entertainers, Kin Town, AUG 18,2014


 Kin Town is having another Live Matsuri !

That is Wednesday, a week from today.

Apologies for not translating this for y'all; I'm just too busy.

Wednesday night, I'll be out there, shooting these live bands and acts.

They are some super good performers and half of them have appeared on this blog before.

A rush job will have to be done, processing photos from this event.

And, the sun is guaranteed, to be shining for the rest of the week, after this matsuri.

The cameras and I, are leaving the island for a few days.

It's off to the Kerama Islands, we go.

The annual Sailing Sabani Boat Race, from Zamami to Naha takes place Jun 22, 2014.

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