Friday, June 27, 2014

Kuwayamaea sapporensis and a New Bug Channel

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True Insect Fanatics Will Love This !


Last Friday morning, the bags were packed and, I was waiting for my ride.

When I stepped outside for some fresh nicotine, I spotted this character.

It was in my neighbor's garden.

So, I crushed my cigarette and ran back inside to grab a camera.

Knowing, I'd seen these before, I was in no rush to do the research.

See, I knew the scientific name was on my website, somewhere.

It's some sort of Leaf-hopper.

Kuwayamaea sapporensis, led me to a website where, I learned the Japanese name.

It would be called an Ezo-Tsuyumushi, in this country.

At Insect Sound World, they have more than you could ever dream of, about bugs.

There are photos of the male and females, in each species.

And, you can even, push a button to hear the sounds they make, if you're interested.

Listen to this Ezo-Tsuyumushi HERE

Poke around on that website and, you can find photos and sounds of all kinds of insects.

And, if you want the Japanese version, you can be accomodated, too:

What more, could a bug lover, ask for ?

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