Friday, June 6, 2014

Hydrangea Flowers and a Tiger Dog All in One Day

blue hydrangea flowers

Sueyoshi Garden in Nago Today



Flower lovers, this is one place you shouldn't miss, if you enjoy the great outdoors.

It was nice and sunny so, we headed for a trip to the hills.

flowers and rocks

It was around noon, when we arrived.

Not, the best light for photography unless, you wait for some passing clouds.

rock garden and flowers

That gave me an excuse, to take my time, climbing up the hills.

blue and white hydrangea

Normally, I'm in a hurry to get the flower photography done.

But, when I get to this garden, other things have to be accomplished, too.

ocean view with flowers in foreground

One of them, is getting a wide angle scene with flowers and ocean in it.

pale blue and white hydrangea

It's fun to try and single out different colored flowers for close-ups, too.

flowers and rocks

Putting a rock in the scene helps sometimes.

It's isn't just for texture.  It helps block the wind, from shaking things.

pink hydrangea

These pinkish looking things caught my eye as I was heading back downhill.

So, I shot them quickly, because I started getting in a hurry.

Flowers Are OK -- I Like Dogs Better


dog, Ryukyu Inu

This is Tora, the tiger dog.  He's really a Ryukyu Inu.

For about three years, now, I've visited the tiger dog and, we always make friends.

But, he keeps forgetting who I am and acts like he doesn't trust me.

It was like he was saying, "Nope, I ain't moving out in better light for you."

"And, I ain't giving you my paw, either."

So, I went crawling around on the ground and, moved the camera to get a better shot.

This is one cool dog but, I know I can get better photos.

It just takes awhile for him to get used to me.

He forgets who I am, every year.

Before we left, he gave me his paw and, he must have thought my hand was a dog biscuit.

When, I grabbed the paw, to shake hands, he started munching on me !

Maybe, I should visit the Sueyoshi Garden more often.

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