Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Just Can't Possibly Get No Better Than This

T'was Father's Day



Last night, I got home fairly late.

The kitchen table was piled up with Father's Day Presents.

Daughters and grand-kids had been by, while I was out doing what I'm always doing.

engraved yellow flip-flops

Those gals, figured it out, after all these years.

Fathers don't need stuff like fancy neckties or, Hello Kitty underwear.

Simple stuff, is just fine.

There wasn't enough room, in my back pocket, to bring everything to the office.

But, these hand engraved flip-flops fit perfectly.

There's a bunch more stuff, waiting to be put in my backpack.

My darlings know, I'm off to do some island-hopping this week and, don't exactly wear tuxedos.

Sleeveless t-shirts, towels and Wet-wipes is the stuff a traveling man needs.

Those Yellow Flip-flops Are Special


Probably, I will only wear them for certain occasions, like family gatherings.

Or, when I go to another island and eat at some high class restaurant.

Luckily, my name got carved on both feet.

That way, one of my shoes, won't get confused with somebody elses.

Damn, I'm happy !

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