Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kin Town Harii Aka -- Dragon Boat Races

children rowing a sabani

Ten Photos of Sabani Boats in Action



It's a good thing, I changed my mind and went to this activity today.

No alcohol was consumed last night.  Instead, I took some Aspirin and crashed early.

The sun was already blazing, high in the sky by the time I woke up.

The wife laughed and told me, "Don't worry about the Harii. Skip it.

"You're getting too old for that stuff.  Sleeping late is good for you."

So, I told her, "You're probably right. I won't go."

wide angle view of dragon boats

But, around 10AM, I packed some cameras and started walking.

A taxi driver friend came along and asked where I was going.

So, I hopped in and said, "Take me to Kin Port."

sabani boats racing

The sky was looking kind of iffy but, that can always change.

dragon boat race

Sure enough, the black clouds, moved out of the scene.

The afternoon sun lit up the power plant and gave me some blue skies.

So, I stayed on that side of the port and tried to shoot each team.

Most of these people, rowing the sabani boats, only get to do it once a year.

And, when they run across me, it's always, "Mike, did you get my picture?"

Truthfully, with about 2,000 folks at the event, I don't know, who I shot.

Husbands, wives, grandparents and children are everywhere at gatherings like this.

A photographer, at a sporting event, isn't exactly a good census taker.

There are some friends of mine, who do special events photography.

So, when someone wants their own photographer, I can give them a referral.

Special event photographers, come at a price.

dragon boat competition

The type of photography, I'm doing here, you could say, is cultural photography.

 So, I tell people asking me about a photo, I may or, may not have taken, to look.

If they see their offspring on my blog, website or, Facebook, just let me know.

If they want a printed photo, I can be very reasonable.

That's why, we all carry model releases.

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