Sunday, July 10, 2016

5 More GIF Images from the 2016 Zamami to Naha Sabani Race

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Four Hours from the Start



Remember, this boat capsized about half an hour into the race.

They, up-righted the sabani, bailed it out, replaced the sail and, kept on paddling.

gif, sailing sabani boat, team, islands, sea

Through thunderstorms, strong winds and, heavy rain, they moved right along.

At times, it looked as if, the sea would swallow the whole boat.

fishing  boat, towing sabani boat, gif

Once, they passed a buoy, near Tomari Port, Naha, the race was done.

From there, the escort boat, towed the sabani, to park at a beach overnight.

fishing boat, sabani girls, water

The girls from the sabani team, ride the safety boat, while the guys, get towed.

It's important, to drink lots of water, when doing this kind of event.

But, when they offered me some, I politely refused, to take any.

fishing boat, sabani in tow, girls, water

 After five hours, bouncing around at sea, I was pretty thirsty.

But, I didn't want to pop a kidney, in front of those girls and, I had to pee.

The first thing, they did after hitting the shore, was go running off to find a toilet.

The coast was clear of all women so, I went and pissed like a boss, in the ocean !

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