Saturday, July 2, 2016

There's Something About That Bridge

Ikei Island, bridge, ocean,sky, power lines

One Night on a Bar Stool



This gal, asked me where I had been that day with the cameras and, I showed her this photo.

She got all excited, her eyes got real big and she said, "I want that picture." 

If, she had offered a large sum of paper money, I would have printed it right away.

But, she don't give me free beer and, I don't give away free photography. 

She got busy serving other customers so, I put the photo away.  Click, cell phone OFF.

Last Night Was Her Birthday


Just as I walked into the bar, everybody was singing Happy Birthday.

They had a cake, lighted candles and all kinds of people brought presents for her.

Crap. I didn't know about it. I felt lousy but, ordered a beer anyway.

Ikei Island, bridge, ocean, sky, power lines removed

What the Heck

 Today, I dug up the photo file and decided to print it.

The image at the top of this page has power lines, shooting off into the upper right corner.

They are a distraction so, I dragged some sky and clouds over them.

Tonight, I'll drop by the bar and give the print to the gal, as a belated birthday present.

There's no telling why, she got so excited over that picture of a bridge.

Maybe, when she was younger, she lost something down there.

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