Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tiled Roof Monster and Dragonfly

orange roof tiles, monster, dragon, blue sky

Shisa or Dragon We Can't Be Sure



A major plumbing overhaul on my office got me out in the hot sun today.

So, I walked around with 420MM of glass on the Pentax K1 and, did some random shooting.

Sort of an old fashioned person, I haven't got one of those Pokeyman gadgets, yet.

Watching kids and adults, walking around like drones, I decided, I really don't need Pokeystuff.

dragonfly, blue sky, tree branch, gif

A dragonfly kept landing on the dead twig of a tree and, taking off again.

So, I got in position, to shoot the thing, with blue skies, as a background. 

And, I got thinking, it would be nice if, I could shoot that dragonfly from a new angle.

tiled roof statue, dragonfly, gif

It took a little while, some patience and maneuvering around, to get it done.

Well, I still had a few hours to kill and, got thinking about stuff, again.

Plenty of people running around, doing that Pokeyman stuff, are old enough to vote.

Back in the USA, they have 3 more months of mud-slinging to do, before the elections.

The monster on that tiled roof, would make a better President than, what's available now.

If he'd promise, to build a wall and, contain all the Pokeyman addicts, I'd go vote for him !

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