Thursday, July 28, 2016

OK This Blog Is Supposed to Be About Okinawa



Well That's Where This Photo Originated



Now, it's hanging on a wall at a place called Sleepy Hollow in Athens, New York.

And, a photo of the framed image was emailed to me this morning.

fisherman, portrait,smoking, pipe

The mail, came from my sister and, I hope she doesn't mind me sharing it with you.

" Mick, 48 years ago you walked me down the aisle.  The sunlight was shining on your picture this morning, so I snapped this one for you.

Love ya,


Sort of Stunned


Big sisters don't lie to their younger brothers but, I did the math anyway.

It got me thinking.  Um, 48 years ago, I would have been 20 years old. 

I was in the USA, after a year visiting a place, formerly known as French Indochina.

And, I was walking my big sister down the isle because, somehow, I was the man of the house.

Later that year, I would return, to the place formerly known as French Indochina.

It was like some sort of crazy internship, I was going through and, I traveled a lot.

Out of six siblings, this sister and I, are the farthest apart, geographically speaking.

But, in hearts, minds and spirits, it's like she's standing right next to me, all the time.

Well, I didn't want to get all mushy so, I sent her a quick reply:

"Wow.  Happy Anniversary!  Being a guy, I don't remember stuff like anniversaries.

 But, you just reminded me.  I think my current, upcoming one, is next week August 5th."

Back to the Island of Okinawa

fisherman, model, sky, greenery, raincoat

 Fast forward a few years and, I went to model as the fisherman again.

Chris Wilson, wanted to take, a much more dramatic shot, of the fisherman.

He shot this image of me, with my camera, while taking a break.

See the finished product and equipment, he used on the Travel 67 Blog.

If, you desire, to have a portrait taken, visit Chris, in Motobu, Okinawa.

Just, don't try to steal the part of Old Man of the Sea er, I'll come and spit in yer eye !

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