Friday, July 8, 2016

Pass This On to Folks in Mosquito Country

making non-poisonous mosquito repellent, spray, gif

 It Really Works



The viscous demons have been gone from my home and office for over a week. 

The first time, I heard about this concoction, somebody posted it on Facebook.

I wrote the recipe down and lost it somewhere but, remembered the ingredients.

beer, bottle, cheap, gone flat, leftover

One, was cheap, flattened beer but, I couldn't recall the quantity.

mouthwash, cheap, bottle, Japanese

Cheap mouthwash was on the list, too.  So, I bought this bottle.

Pyrex measuring cup, glass, Epsom salt

The third  ingredient, is in this measuring cup, borrowed from the house.

It contains Epsom salt  (エプソム塩) Epusomu shio, in Japanese.

mixture, Epsom salt, beer, mouthwash, PET bottle

Try This Simple DIY

Pour everything into an old PET bottle and, let it dissolve.

Shaking helps or, let it set overnight. Then add it to a spray bottle.

The recipe, I used is hidden in the animation below.

gif, 50/50, beer and mouthwash, Epsom salt, spray bottle

It's been my pleasure, giving you this lesson and, here's a bow.

Please share the recipe with all your friends, who have mosquitoes.

It will make their summer months much more enjoyable.



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