Sunday, July 17, 2016

Moon Shots -- Preparing for the JUL 2016 Full Moon

moon, not full

90 Something Percent



Probably, late tomorrow night. will be the best time to catch a full moon over Okinawa.

This image was cropped, placing the subject in the left of the frame, just for the heck of it.

moon, centered, image

Centering the moon in the frame, shows how out-of-round it really appears.

Both photos were taken with the Pentax K1 and Sigma 50-500MM lens.

A converter was used on the rear of the lens, to take the shots at 700MM. 

Tomorrow is a national holiday, called Umi no Hi (海の日) in Japan.

Ocean Day, would be the English translation for that event and, I may wind up at the beach.

If the weather cooperates, I could have some full moon photos, to post late tomorrow evening. 

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