Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Butterfly Images: Oriental Plains Cupid

Chilades pandava, Plains Cupid, butterfly

One Still Photo and Three GIF Animations



These shots were taken out behind my office yesterday, at various times.

Knowing, I would be out late doing moon photography, I stayed in the neighborhood.

garden, btterfly, windy, Plains Cupid, gif

 The little butterfly isn't much larger than the fingernail on your thumb.

It was hot outside but, sort of windy and, the garden was taking a beating.

plant stem, garden, butterfly, gif

 After spending most of the daylight hours, trying to identify this rascal, I remembered it.

The Chilades pandava was a guest on this blog once before. 

gif, animation, butterfly, garden, flowers

Learn more about these little pollinators at:


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