Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Sneak Peek at the Kin Drug Store

sign, logo, Kin Drug Store

Not Really Keen on Drugs



Anything stronger than Aspirin or Rolaids, turns me into a wet noodle.

Whenever, I feel like a cold is coming on, this is where I go, to avoid seeing a doctor.

medicines, herbs, vitamins, drug store, counter

 They must have a gazillion types of vitamins and herbs for whatever ails you.

Permission was granted, to do some photography so, I shot the place up.

aisle, drug store, shelves
Medicines, hair and skin care stuff are stacked from the floor to the ceiling.

Tissues, toilet papers and diapers, for all age groups can be found. Depends, I guess.

drug store, items, shelves

They have sun screen lotions, house cleaners, bottles of water and dried fruits.

Not wanting to block any aisles, I kept the camera and tripod, out of them.

pharamcist, drug store, counter, telephone

It's a good idea, to know some basic Japanese if, you want to shop at this store.

A few days ago, I ordered something that, I wanted to buy from these folks.

They wanted my name and telephone number but, I din't answer telephones, anymore.

So, I told them to call the wife, when my order came in and, I got out of town.

night, storefront, Kin Drug Store, banners

After a day of shooting outdoors, I returned around 8PM and, the place was still open.

night scene, Kin Drug Store, street

 That's when I discovered, they are open from 8:30AM until 10PM daily.

Epsom Salt, Magnesium Sulfate,エプソム塩, receipt, box

Today, I was informed, the Epsom Salt (エプソム塩) I ordered had arrived.

Half a kilo was less than six bucks, at today's yen rate.

The people in Osaka are going to wonder, why I ordered 6 more kilos of the stuff.

All my Japanese friends want to buy this item, too.

They know cheap beer, mouthwash and this Epsom salt, gets rid of mosquitoes

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