Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Today the JUL 2016 Moon Was in the First Quarter

Waxing Gibbous, moon, image, 4PM

Full Moon Next Week



It's a good idea, to get prepared a few days ahead of the full moon and, do some practice shots.

A site called, timeanddate can tell you when the full moon will appear, wherever you may live.

Go over there and, type in your city and country and, you can, get all this stuff, free.

Last night, as I walked home, I noticed a huge, half moon, at street level.

But, I didn't feel like walking back to the office, to grab a camera.

half moon, first quarter,late afternoon, blue skies

About 4PM today, I noticed this half moon in the sky, again.

It reminded me, to check the schedule so, I'd be ready for this month's event.

See, the scientists don't call it a half moon; it's in the first quarter.

Not being a rocket scientist or, an astronomy dude, it doesn't look like a quarter moon, to me.

1st quarter moon, JUL 2016, blue sky

 I always try to shoot the full moon,  before and after the geniuses, say it's full.

1. The best images of the moon are taken at night, when it's dark outside.

2.  If the moon is going to be full JUL 20 at 07:56, it will probably be daytime.

3. Hang around outside, after midnight on JUL 19  and, I bet the moon will look full.

4. My wife, goes by the Chinese calendar and, it says the full moon will be on JUL 18th.

5. Play it safe, taking into account, the weather and, shoot the moon SUN/MON/TUES next week !

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