Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wet and Wild GIF of a Waterwheel

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Shooting Fish Was Fun



The koi, swimming around in the pond yesterday was a bit of a challenge, for the camera.

It's kind of difficult, to catch their eyes; they wiggle around so much.

When I downloaded the camera, I must have had 150 images, of them, to throw away.

This scene, has plenty of activity and, water splashing around in it, too.

Only nine shots, were taken, to create this animation and, I saved them all.

 The camera, lens and exposure, for this composition are the same as those, used on the fish.

To me, this motion GIF, is much more relaxing and, it gave me an idea.

I'll kick my feet up on the desk, lean back with my head against the wall and, take a nap !

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