Sunday, July 24, 2016

Butterfly Photos: Grass Demon

butterfly, Udaspes folus

This was a Tough One



There isn't anybody, around here, with a degree in bug-ology, that I know of.

So, I just do the best job I can, trying to identify these critters. Correct me if, I'm wrong.

This looks like a Udaspes folus, to me after having checked some great resources.

wings, butterfly, Grass Demon, Udaspes folus, blacktop

It was out behind the office, flapping around on some blacktop when, I first saw it.

It would be lots easier to take photos if, a white background could be used. 

butterfly, white background, Grass Demon

So, I ran back inside and grabbed some old calendar pages, I had cut up.

There's pictures of nude models on the other side but, who wants to look at that ?

thumb, butterfly, blacktop

It's a good idea, to put something next to the subject, for a sense of scale.

I got thinking. Maybe people couldn't tell if, that's a thumbnail or a toenail.

butterfly, white background

 At this point in time, I wasn't sure if this was a moth or, a butterfly.

So, I figured it would be best, to take lots of photos from different angles.

thumb, butterfly, blacktop

 And, I made sure to take another shot, showing my thumbnail more clearly.

The chopped up girly calendar pages were safely stored where, nobody can see them.

Then, I started looking at thousands of moth and butterfly images.

Butterflies can be real easy to misidentify but, I think I got this one labeled correctly.

It's a Grass Demon or,  オオシロモンセセリ in Japanese.

Check the resources and, holler back at me if, you want me to change the name.

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