Saturday, July 9, 2016

Senaga Island: A Few More Photos

Ryujin Hot Spring, sign, Japanese, English

There's Always Something New

It was one of those sticky, hot days in June, when we decided to stop for lunch here.

No way, was I looking for a hot spring, to jump into; just some 5 star resort food.

chandelier, lighting, ceiling

 Not as impressed, with the food, as I was on my last visit, I shot this chandelier.

Then went outside, to see what else was new on Senaga Island.

sun umbrellas, fence, Corona Beer, sign

 h white Corona beer signs, caught my attention and, got my curiosity going.

We're a long way from Mexico.  What's going on here ?

fence, plants, Corona Extra, sign

This is Corona Extra not, the regular kind.

It would be a good idea, to document, whatever they're doing in case it's something special.

sign, sunsets session, girl, Corona beer

Upon further investigation, I discovered, what this is all about.

Entrance to the event is absolutely free.  And, there's a real friendly gal, to wait on you.

Corona beer, bottles, girl

She invited us, to have a few beers but, we told her, we were working and, couldn't stay.

Next time, I'm down that way, I think I'll give her a different answer.

No Problemo Senorita !

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