Monday, July 18, 2016

Timeline of JUL 2016 Moon Shots

moon, blue sky, white cloud

Not 100 Percent Full Moon Yet



It was about 7PM when I noticed the moon in blue skies.

Clouds were rolling in, when this composition was made at 7:11PM.

moon, JUL 18 2016

At 7:43PM the sun was gone and, it looked like a good time to start shooting again.

moon, 99% full

The two photos above were taken using the Sigma 50-500 and, cropped differently.

A 1.4 converter gave a maximum focal length of 700MM and, I used it all.

Shortly after 7:43PM, clouds, hid the moon again.

A bit of rain started falling so, I got back inside behind my desk.

moon, JUL18 2016
 When the clouds blew by, the next time, I had switched lenses.

The 300MM Pentax and converter were used for my last few shots.

It was 7:48PM when this photo was taken at 420MM.

nearly full moon, clouds
 By 7:50PM black clouds started rolling in again so, I called it a night.

My estimate, would be the moon appears at about 99% full so far tonight.

If the weather clears, I may hang around for some late photography.

Er, go chase a few cold beers and, see what happens tomorrow evening.

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