Friday, July 29, 2016

Koi or Carp Are Some Colorful Fish

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Psychedelic Things in a Pond



These fish were spotted swimming behind a restaurant we stopped at for some lunch.

Doc and I were driving around the northern end of the island, doing what we usually do.

It consists of things like taking photos and, getting lost on the back mountain roads.

 We asked for permission, to shoot the establishment and, were good to go.

large fish, colored, carp, pond, swimming

 After placing our order, we started looking around and, spotted this.

Huge, brightly colored fish, swimming in a pond, right behind the place.

Then, the woman, who took our order saw me trying to shoot through the windows.

She asked if, we wanted to go outside and, take photos from inside the fenced-in garden.

Out back, a guy gave us a cup of pellets, to feed the fish.  Holy Carp .

We had so much fun, we almost forgot to back inside and eat !

My Only Regret



Just before leaving the office, I was wondering if, I should bring the polarizing filter along.

And, decided, "Nah, there wouldn't be anything, I'd need it for today."

That filter, would have made these images much sharper; eliminating the reflections.

On the positive side, it gives me an excuse, to go back up there again.

Those fish, were so large, three of them, would fill up my bathtub and, drive the wife crazy ! 

Camera:  Pentax K1

Lens:  Pentax 18-250 at 50MM

Exposure:  f/7.1   1/250   ISO 800

Location:  Hentona, Okinawa, Japan やまびこいや  国頭

Date and Time:  JUL 29  2016  12:51PM 

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