Sunday, October 27, 2013

Does Watching Too Much Ballet Cause Blindness ?


Depends on How You Look at It I Guess




Last night, I was viewing ballet through a camera viewfinder at a disco.

And, I was blinded by the light.

stage scene, ballet dancer, feet, candles

Maybe I'm getting old or, something.  I should call John Travolta and ask him.

Didn't disco die awhile back ?  Like,  during the last Century ?

ballet on stage, candlelight

These girls were some kind of special dancers.

candlelight, ballet, scarves

More than a few hundred photos were taken and it was a real challenge.

ballet, candlelight, reflection in mirror

See me, over in that mirror ? 

I was running all around the place trying to get some good shots.

Sorry, if I blocked anyone's view or, spilled their drinks.

ballet on stage with candlelight

The truth is: This was the first time, in my life, I ever watched a live performance like this.

candlelight, ballet

Well, I did the best I could with available lighting and a prime lens.

Those talented gals were dancing around lit candles.

There was no sense, using flash.  They might have blinked, fell down and set the place on fire.

ballet, candlelight

It was nice to see this girl in white because she made it a lot easier to focus.

candlelight, ballet

Performers like this should be placed on a pedestal not, under disco lights.

candlelight, ballet, stage

It took me awhile to figure out how to get the best compositions, under these conditions.

ballet dancer does split on candle lighted stage

Get down on the floor.

Remember When People Wore Those Furry Hats ?

Those raccoon things, with tails hanging off the back.

Daniel Boone or, Davy Crocket style, I'm talking about.

Well, some of my friends are loosing their hair but, they don't wear coonskin caps.

That's because they aren't fashionable, anymore.

Let's ditch the disco lights.  OK ?

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