Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don't Use This Plant for Shish Kabobs !

Another Pretty Killer Found in Okinawa


Research indicates, all parts of this plant are dangerous.

If you decide to burn the stuff, don't even think of inhaling the smoke.

star-sheped white flowers and long green leaves

Commonly called Oleander, the scientific name is Nerium oleander.

That dude, Alexander the Great,  lost some of his army but, it didn't make the online news.

Someone fed them meat, skewered on the twigs from this plant.  Oops.  Poison.

Somebody Should Have Warned This Lady


It seems, she ate some of the stuff and, get this:

Stuck some up her exhaust pipe (so to speak) and, she died.

Read about her autopsy here, if you don't believe me.

flowers, leaves and fruits of poisonous plant

 The flowers I spotted were white,  They also come in pink or, red.

They start off as shrubs but, look like trees when they grow up.

They might be pretty.  However, who wants a plant that kills kids, dogs and horses ?

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