Monday, October 21, 2013

Protect Your Home from Evil --- Get an Ishiganto !

Here's What They Look Like



Ishiganto stone in front of a home


The carving on that rock says, "Ishiganto."

Believing that evil spirits travel in straight lines, you might need one of these.

In the Ryukyu Islands, if your house is on a corner or, intersection, Ishiganto protects it.

Ishiganto on wall at intersection

You don't have to buy a big rock,  smaller Ishiganto are available.

The other day, walking my dogs, I spotted one that had done its job.

It was smashed, like a truck or something had crashed into it.

So, I figure, it saved the guy's wall and, house.

It would have been nice to show you a photo of it but, I didn't take one.

That's because, I'm not very innocent looking.

Some Folks Call It Superstition

There are over 10,000 of these on walls, throughout the Ryukyu Island Chain.

Like my college professor used to say, "It's their beliefs not, superstition."

All you had to do, to flunk a course, was use that "S" word.

So, I took it out of my vocabulary.

Today, I found a twenty page paper (PDF), done by Takahashi Seiichi.

Everything you ever wanted to know about this good luck charm, is published there.

For example, you can find them everywhere, from China to Hokkaido.

And, he even uses the term, "Ishiganto enthusiasts."

How cool is that ?

Easier than pronouncing, superstitious people, I think !

Learn More About Ishiganto:

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