Friday, October 18, 2013

We Gotta Track This Dude Down

large camera, small turtle

This photo was taken September 4, 2013 at a Sea Turtle release.

It's always a good idea to arrive at events like this, before the action takes place.

It was the first time, I ever saw anything like this so, I went a few hours early.

The guy with the big camera showed up just a few minutes before it all started.

More than likely, he's done these things before.

He had all kinds of waterproof gadgetry for photos and video.

Camera Nuts Are a Special Breed of People



Easily bored, while waiting for things to start, we find ways to entertain ourselves.

The dude started pointing his big camera at me.

When I noticed, I pointed my lens towards him.

And, we shot each other.

No harm done; we were just shooting photos.

Then the Fun Began



Once the little turtles are turned loose, it's every cameraman for himself.

In and out of the surf and sand go the baby critters and the cameras.

By the time the last turtle disappeared into the sea, it was dark.

We chatted a bit, before leaving the site.

Being the poor folks we are, neither of us had business cards to exchange.

Now, I have to track this dude down so, I can give him his photos.

And, I want to see how my portrait turned out.

I bet my hair was a mess !

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