Thursday, October 24, 2013

Caterpillars Can Be Cute or Creepy (Photos)

It Depends on How You Look at Them


This little guy was crawling around outside my office.

The door just got locked and I was waiting for a ride, without my camera.

So, I shot it with my cell phone.

black caterpillar

If Mrs. RyukyuMike saw it, she'd scream and squish the thing.

Green stuff, squirts all over the place when she does that.

I picked the little critter up and and put him in a neighbor's planter for safekeeping.

caterpillar on plant

When I got done shopping, he was still there.

So, I grabbed a real camera and shot him.  The, put it back on the ground where it came from.

Here's a video, I found where people make this guy look cute:

The common name for this caterpillar, when it sprouts wings, is Hawk Moth.

Its scientific nomenclature:  Theretra oldenlandiae

Learn more about them at Hawk Moths of Australia

Would you call these critters cute or, creepy ?

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