Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Viewing Hedo Point After Typhoon Wipha

View of stone at Hedo Misaki

The typhoon breezed on by Okinawa without causing much harm.

waves crashing in background

Driving to the far north of the island we noticed some big waves at Hedo Misaki.

wave motion beyond stone

Setting up a tripod near this monument, seemed like a good idea.

waves crashing at horizon

We were standing, probably, 60 meters above sea level.

wave and child action

The winds were strong enough to send salt water, spraying in our faces.

ocean waves crashing against cliffs

So, I picked this spot where the wind would hit my back, not the camera.

wave and child activity

Sea water isn't something you want to get on your DSLR or, the lens.

scene at Hedo Point after typhoon

The little guy in the red shirt kept running through the scene.

You know, I'm Santa Claus, sometimes so, I have to be patient with the rascals.

Today I happened to be wearing a red shirt, too.

seascape after tuphoon

Well, Santa Claus, isn't supposed to be cussing around little kids.

So, I just kept whispering, "Dammit" to myself.

post typhoon seacsape

Finally, I caught one shot, where the kid disappeared behind the rocks.

By the time we left Hedo Point, Doc Graff and I had salt water all over our cameras.

Come again, sometime, and I'll show you what we do to fix that situation.

Meanwhile, put them all together and what have you got ?

Child and waves, Motion GIF

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