Friday, October 4, 2013

Flower Photos: Okinawa Has Pink and White Rain Lilies

pink rain lilies

Sometimes It Pays to Use the Back Door Approach


That is how these Zephtranthes candida plants got discovered.

A long time ago, it dawned on me, not talking to the wife, is good for your sanity.

So, we only have conversations about important stuff.

She likes to talk but, I don't listen much. My ears don't work so well.

The other day some important stuff came up. So, I had to speak.

white rain lily flower

 We were walking to my office, in the blazing-hot sun.

The walk takes about 20 seconds longer, if you take the street behind my office.

She grumbled about the sun.  I said, "Walk this way". 

She grumbled about that, too.  But, we were in the shade.

pink rain lily, flowers

Then, she spotted these flowers on the street behind my office.

"Look.  Typhoon flowers, she said."

"They're late, this year."

white rain lily, flowers

Two typhoons are blowing around, out in the Pacific, right now.

We'll see if these little plants are living-up to the Ryukyu mythology I heard the other day.

ISBN4-900668-63-x, got me the scientific name.

All my English resources, tell me this flower blooms, after the rain.

Sometimes, things in Okinawa happen differently.

Learn more about the Rain Lily plants at:

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