Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ghost Hunting in Okinawa is Exhausting Work

night scene, trucks and smoke, a ghost-like imagery

It All Started the Last Week of September


Walking to the office one morning, I noticed Halloween decorations in a shop window.

That reminded me, it's time to start looking around for some good ghost stories.

Not the kind of stuff that's been written down already.  I want something original.

In the Ryukyu islands, they really don't have an occasion called Halloween.

Ghosts and their stories, pop-up all the time.

Catching one with a camera, though, that's a different story.

We're working on it.

Where the Flip-flops Meet the Road


Research, so far, has taught me a few things:

1. People believe in ghosts or, they don't.

2. Some folks like to talk about them, others don't.

3. A good ghost story will give you goose bumps (chicken skin, if you prefer).

 4. When the weather is hot, ghost stories have a cooling effect on your body.

 5. It's best to conduct this type of study at night.

6. In a dimly lit bar, you get more information than you would in a shopping mall or, church.

7. People with the best stories may not talk to strangers.

8. Giving a gift, of some sort, often gets its rewards.

9. Candy is dandy but, liquor is quicker.

10. Don't hunt for ghosts close to home.  One might follow you.

Be Careful !

My paranormal meter senses something, behind you.


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