Friday, October 11, 2013

10 Tips for a Simple Travel Photo Essay



Writing One Can be Easy





It's no secret.  Any editor who has worked with me knows.

I hate writing !

With ten photos of a cave, recently visited, I'll show you how I getterdun. 

vegetation along a highway, stairs lead to a cave

Think Like a Tour Guide

You want to give people an idea what they are getting themselves into with your photos.

sign in English and Japanese explains attraction


Take Shots of Any Signs at the Attraction

This will come in handy when it's time to caption your images.

trail and stairs to attraction


Get Many Photos of the Surrounding Terrain


Show the viewers whether or, not, the place is stroller/wheelchair friendly.

dirt trail lined with vegetation

Take Photos of Everything Along the Way



There's nothing wrong with having a few hundred images to choose from.

A photo essay, usually only requires ten or twelve, captioned images.

You never know.  Maybe, you'll end up doing ten photo essays about the same location.

white pole marker at cave entrance


Wide Angle Shots Work Well


It gives a traveler a sense of the place they will encounter.

close up of cave entrance

Close-up Images Are Also Good



We have to duck our heads a bit, taking the stone stairs down that hole.

cave entrance in coral rock


The Exit is Just as Important as the Entrance


Think of showing a 360 degree view of the attraction with your camera.

ocean view from cave



Trails and Walkways in the Area



This is the view cave dwellers had, just outside their back door.

ocean just outside cave


Geographical Location



Take some photos to help you describe where in the world the site is located.

The trail, leading out the back door, takes you right to the East China Sea.

Show What's Inside



Some photos of the interior are just as important as exterior shots of the attraction.

Don't forget to take plenty of them, too.

 I didn't think it would be necessary to show you, at this time.  It was just a regular cave.

However, I did spot some sort of unusual art in there !

girlie magazine found inside cave

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