Thursday, October 31, 2013

No Ghosts Captured Yet So Here's a Skeleton

skeleton skull on display in museum


Happy Halloween Wherever You Are !




It would have been nice, to have captured a big, fat, juicy ghost story for you.
The rascals, wherever they are, just didn't cooperate.
My ghost story, has to have photos, to go along with it. So, the hunt goes on.
And, it has to make the hair stand-up on the back of your neck.
Or, at least have you rolling on the floor, laughing.
Simple requirements.  Be credible or, incredible but, make sure it's verifiable.

It Probably Helps to Believe in Them



That's my biggest downfall.  I don't.
Give me someone with a ghost tale they have experienced and, I love it.
By looking at their eyes and facial expression, you can tell.
They believe it.  They might be drunk, lying, or the village idiot.
If the story is believable and, I can get some photos to go along with it, I'll do it.

Some Interesting Spooky Stuff


Over the past month, plenty of time has been dedicated researching this stuff.
From locals and foreign sources, I have gathered:
  • A baby ghost cries and is seen in the home of a childless couple.
  • No paranormal equipment is required in hunting ghosts.
  • Most,  ghastly sightings or occurrences, happen late at night. Groan; drinking hours.
  • Some people get telephone calls from the deceased. I want to see their phone bill.
  • If you see a ghost, don't go straight home or, it will follow you. I never go straight home !
  • Taxi drivers, have ghosts hop in their cabs.  They are hard to find. They quit.
  • Some people have met friendly ghosts.  I want to meet one but, want some scary ones, too.
  • Ghost stories are usually associated with unnatural deaths.
  • Some ghosts bum, cigarettes and lights.  That's probably not good for their health !
  • Other ghosts, just make noise or, move things around. You never get to see them.


 My Apologies for Not Catching a Halloween Ghost



Seven days a week, I'm out there, keeping myself gainfully unemployed.
The spook hunting has cut my drinking time, exactly in half !
But, I won't give up; I'm having too much fun.
The thought did occur me, though.
Maybe, I should open up another bar.  One with a ghostly theme.
Have people come in a relate their spooky stories.
Would you like to be a Ghost Speaker ?



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