Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Plenty of Wildlife and Nature Activity at the Nagahama Dam

Birds Were Everywhere Today


Yesterday, I just posted a photo showing the park below the dam.

We went there today with some cameras and here's what we saw.


An Egret in flight buzzed by my lens at  9:44AM.

bird, Grey Heron in flight,Japan

At 9:53, a Grey Heron put on a show.

That got me thinking, this would be a great place to take your kids and teach them about nature.

When there aren't any birds flying, I shoot butterflies and dragonflies.

bird flying,Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle,Japan,wildlife

About 10:20AM Grey-faced Buzzard Eagles showed up overhead.

bird flying,Cormorant,Dam,Okinawa, Japan,nature

By 10:40AM, I was out of coffee and, getting restless; it was time to move on.

A minute later, I shot this Cormorant flying over the dam.

Statue, Shisa, Lion dog

Heading back to the car, I just had to take a photo of this Shisa statue.

There was clear blue sky in the background.

And, it looks like the character is trying to say something.

Before putting the camera away, I decided to look down below the dam, one more time.

Don't ever leave your little kids with me, to learn about nature.

Because some things, I wouldn't know how you would want to explain them.

If your young'uns saw the next scene, what would you tell them the birds are doing ?

birds, mating ritual,humor,egrets,flight

Probably, I'd say, "Oh.  That's just how birds fax each other."

"Now, let's get outta here."

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