Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tracking Down Kin Castle One Stone at a Time

Remaining stone of Kin Castle

This Rock Is a Piece of a Puzzle



Located in Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan, it is a stone from the Kin Castle.

Archaeologist dudes, claim there were 192 castles, identified (at one time) in Okinawa.

We know, many were destroyed during the Pacific War.

And, once in awhile, a castle would be disassembled, to be moved to another site.

There Should Be a Big Castle in Kin Town



The place is up on a hill and has a nice view of the ocean.

All we have to do, is find the rest of the rocks.

Ladefoged and Pearson, could help find the rest of the pieces.

They are experts on soil and stones.  We should seek their advice.

Then, invite a bunch of people over.

  No cover charge. 

Just bring home the rocks.

And, put Kin Castle back together, again !

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