Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tree Photo: Heritiera littoralis #2 from Okinawa

It Isn't Like These Trees Grow Everywhere



This is an image of the second Sundari tree, I've spotted on this island.

Maybe, I need to get out more often or, visit the rest of the Ryukyu Islands.

There isn't much available, online, to tell you about this find.

unusual tree found in jungle


Apparently, the trees like to grow around water and in the mangroves.

They say, in the Philippines, the roots can be used for poisoning fish.

The tree could also, be used as firewood.

The bark, contains something useful for strengthening fishing nets.

Seems, to me, like those roots would make some nifty furniture.

If  anybody, out there, knows more about these trees, help with these links:

They could all use some beefing-up in the words department.

That would be nice, if you could contribute to those sites.

Meanwhile, I'll be busy, seeing if I can shoot some more photos for them.

There has to be more of these trees, somewhere, on this island.

I'm outta here.


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