Saturday, October 19, 2013

Flower Photos: Mexican Creeper Has Lots of Names

pink flowers, green background

People Either Love or Hate This Plant




Some sweetheart working for Kin Town called it Queen's Necklace, her favorite flower.

She spotted the plant on my feature photo, yesterday.

So, I pulled-up my pending flower files to show you some now, that we have an ID.

Antigonon leptopus, plant and flowers

Scientists would call it Antigonon leptopus.

Coral Vine or Bride's Tears, flowering vine

It is also known as Coral Vine or Bride's Tears.

pink flowers

University of Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants isn't too wild about them.

pink flowers, vine and leaves

The Wikipedia folks say aboriginal Baja Californians, used the seeds like popcorn.

flowering vines, Queen's Crown

Queen's Crown and Queens Wreath are some other names the vine is called.

And, in Cajun country they call it Rose of Montana Vine.

That's just a few of the names, I saw at Dave's Garden.

bee on pink flower

They say, birds, bees and butterflies love these flowers, too.

From what I've seen, the vines can grow fairly long and, high.  So, it got me thinking.

house nearly hidden by pink flowering vines

If you planted some of this stuff around a house trailer, bill collectors wouldn't find you !

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