Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In the Spotlight: Artist and Naturalist Ichiro Kikuta

On Exhibition Right Now !




hand painted Japanese screen

This is something I need to spread the word about, quickly.

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) has his gallery on display.

We went today and have to go back before the month is over.

painted foldling screen

The folks at OIST were friendly and, gave me permission to take photos.

Well, I didn't bring the lens or, lighting required to do this artwork justice.

And, lucky for them I read the signs that said, "Do Not Touch."

OIST Is Really A Big Place

Scientists kept walking up and down the hallways where I was trying to shoot.

They were busy, I guess.

Trying to do long exposures (over one second) was looking impossible.

When you are a guest, you can't just yell, "Everybody Freeze."

Just when, I thought the moment was right and quit (quietly) cussing, it happened.

Map It Okinawa, tapped me on the shoulder.  I was blocking traffic with my tripod.

Click, went the shutter.  Wait one second.

Behind me, a gentleman, was waiting.  I apologized for blocking the hallway.

He said, "You're RyukyuMike.  Aren't you?"


We just met a Vice President.

And, even wearing orange flip-flops, he recognized me !

But, everything turned out alright.

He reads my blog !

Back to the Artist

Ichiro Kikuta is one of those artists, you're lucky to meet once in a lifetime.

It was my pleasure, to have found him in the northern area of Okinawa.

Just, a week ago, we located his studio in the village of Ada.

Ichiro, showed us some of the things he does to handcraft these panels.

The artwork, depicting nature, doesn't get copied from photos.

He goes into the forest with a sketch pad.

Then, sketches what he observes.

From the drawings, he re-creates the scenes as black ink paintings.

Instead of, having to visit the Yanbaru forest, he brings it to you, in all its splendor.

Don't Pass Up on this Opportunity

The exhibition at OIST  lasts through October 31, 2013.

More details available on the OIST Website

For those unable to attend, have a peek at this OIST Video:


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