Saturday, October 5, 2013

10 Photos of Banana Leaves Twisting in a Typhoon

A Little Music by Harry Belafonte Wouldn't Hurt

banana trees before typhoon shreds leaves

This brilliant idea came to me when I heard of approaching typhoons.

Shoot some before and after photos of banana leaves.

Not everybody cares about fruit leaves, though.

So, I dug up this video by Harry Belafonte.

And, just in case you don't like him, I got a special bonus.

How about the Muppets ?


The Winds Started Kicking-up Yesterday.


The first photo was taken, shortly after 4PM.

A little typhoon is twisting around Okinawa, right now.

An Even More Brilliant Idea Came Along


Why not shoot the banana leaves during the storm ?

winds shake banana leaves

Here's the same scene at about 8:30 this morning.

The wind is starting to do what it did to my umbrella on the way over here.

some motion blur on banana leaves

Umbrellas aren't as flexible as banana leafs, though.

Looking for a name for your new rock band ?

Twisted Umbrellas would work.  They're no good for anything else.

winds begin to shred banana leaves

 That banana leaf is taking a beating.

The wind, during a typhoon, blows left, right, up, down and, every other which way.

banana trees sway in wind

Before a twister hits a new banana leaf, you could use if as an umbrella.

motion blur occurs as wind moves banana leaves

But, once the leaf is shredded, you'd' look like some kinda nut, wearing one of these.

Start a rock band !

banana leaves with severe motion blur

Every now and then, the wind kicked into high gear and really shook things up.

banana leaves twisting in wind

So, I said to myself, "We're not getting paid for this.

Let's get the heck outta here and go find some dry clothes."

That's a Before and, During the typhoon photo shoot of the banana leaves.

The After shots will have to come, later.

Is it OK to dry your underwear in a microwave oven ?

UPDATE: Look what Google+ did for me !


motion GIF, banana trees moving in wind


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