Saturday, October 26, 2013

10 Bug Photos and Some Stuff About Beyonce's Derriere

These Things Just Happen





Normally, you wouldn't find me going online to look at some gal's rear end.

There was a girl wiggling her bunny tail in the bar last night.

I just looked at her because we're friends.

fly on a flower

 This morning I decided to get this unidentified bug out of my files and, do some research.

black and red fly on weed flower

Somehow, a fly with a golden rear end got named after Beyoncé.

This young scientist, from Australia, figured the bug with a golden fanny, was "bootylicious."

So, he named the thing Scaptia plinthina beyonceae.

fly with golden rear end

Checking several sources, for a positive ID, Beyoncé fanny photos kept showing up.

fly with gold rear

The fly with the golden tail is what I wanted verification on.

Fly rear view

We have photos, taken from many different angles, to assist in getting identification.

dise view of black and gold fly

The media folks like to show photos of Beyoncé from different angles, too.

A fellow couldn't help, but notice.  So that's what I did.

close up of fly on flower

When identifying insects, there's other things worth looking closely at.

detail view of fly

 The rear end, is important but, so are a lot of other parts.

fly on white flower

Something about the bug's face, colors, marking and, wings told me this was a different one.

hoverfly on flower

What we have here (Trust me, I verified everywhere) is a Hoverfly.

The Latin name:  Phytomia zonata



More News from Okinawa


Everyone came out unharmed by recent typhoons and earthquakes.

We are having beautiful, cool weather.

The Missus and I, may even do some celebrating tonight.

Do you suppose that crazy rabbit will be, at the bar, wagging her tail, again ?



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